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Unlike some web marketing consultants, we won’t guarantee you top search engine rankings each and every time. In fact, there are SEO marketing firms out there that will promise to deliver those kinds of results, sometimes at astonishingly low prices. And it’s a clear-cut case of getting what you pay for. Some of those firms will use underhanded “black hat” tricks in website design that will fool search engine spiders and may indeed get you good results for the short run. What happens when the black-hat tricks are discovered, however, is that Google will penalize your site or possibly blacklist you. That means that one morning you wake up and your web traffic is just simply gone, and the SEO marketer who set it all up may well be gone too.

Google, in particular, is in a state of constant evolution, changing its search protocols and making tweaks and refinements to its search algorithms, up to 400 times a year (the latest advance being Google Caffeine). The particulars of their algorithms are closely guarded trade secrets, to prevent unscrupulous webmasters from gaming the system to get better search results for their clients. One thing is certain, though – as Google evolves, they discover the black-hat tricks and won’t let them through the system anymore.

We don’t make those kinds of promises. However, we will do whatever we can to place you as a top competitor in your market.

As an example, let’s say that Texas has a total of 20 commercial fence companies. Of those 20, only four have done the research to optimize their websites to try and bring in more traffic. Those will be the only four that will show up on page 1 of search engine results. The other 16 …well, they will simply not show up in search engine results when a builder is looking for the phrase “commercial fence Texas.”

So what makes BCS stand out from the pack?

An SEO project coordinator is assigned specifically to your site and will oversee its development, he will work with other team members for content editing, graphics and overall design.  Your coordinator will use language that you can understand, he’ll make suggestions on page layout and keep you up todate on the work-in-progress.

  • Free directory – we can help boost your presence and your brand on the web with our free directory listings. It costs you nothing out-of-pocket, and it will get your name out there in a way that’s similar to a bold-face Yellow Pages ad from a previous era of marketing. (see directory inclusions)
  • Keyword Research – we perform keyword and keyword phrasing reasearch to determine your competition and help try to narrow you to a niche, reducing the number of competing sites and increasing your chances of appearing high in search results.
  • Customer actually owns website and has control – unlike some SEO companies, the website remains yours, and you have control and final say over what happens with it.
  • Blog – we create an onsite blog for you, a blog you can administer and create posts to increase your page content.  RSS feeds (news index) and sitemaps (directions for search engines) can be directly linked from your blog to your website pages, giving fresh content.  Your website viewers will have direct access your blog posts from your website pages!
  • Train customers on pay per click – we want you to be involved and informed too. We make it a point to bring you completely up to speed on how pay-per-click marketing works, so that you can track and manage it yourself.
  • Integrated SEO and SEM – our SEO and SEM services are part of an entire suite that we offer customers, just as a part of our way of doing business. We’ll do the keyword research, compare-and-contrast with your competitors and take in quarterly maintenance on your site, all as part of our package. We want your brand and your business to be enhanced through your site, and we’ll do everything we can to see that through.
  • Analytics that can all be tracked – your site will come complete with software that will allow you to track page hits (including the site’s internal pages) and searches for individual keywords and phrases. It’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your site to be able to fine-tune your efforts and perform a tweak here and there as necessary, and we’ve refined ways of making that possible.

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