Roadmap to the SEO Future

Think about the important dates in your life. When you graduated high school, when you graduated college, when you got married, when you got your first real job, promotion, raise, etc.

They weren’t just important to you in your own memories; they’re important to others because they all help spell out what you’re about as a person and they frame what your life has been like up to now.

It’s the same thing with a company. You want to know about the company you’re about to do business with – what do they have under their belts? How long have they been at it? What does their experience mean to me and my own needs? What are these guys made of, really?

And so we put up a roadmap of our own course, a timeline of significant mileposts from 2004 until the present. Have a look!

Date Event
2004 Business Communication Solutions was started to namely service the telecom industry.
2005 We launch our first phone system line.
2006 We launch our second phone system line the NEC DSX.
2007 We launch our third phone system line the Allworx VOIP Phone System.
2008 We open our first computer based testing center in Austin.
2009 We open 12 more computer based testing center throughout TEXAS.
2010 Due to the existing customer request, we started our Website Design and Search Engine Optimization division.
2010 We launch more products, Xorcom and Adtran.
2010 We setup Free Website Directories for most major cities in Texas (Directory Inclusions)
2010 Launch of
2010 Web developers hired (the team)
2010 Sales representatives hired for our new Website Design and SEO division.
2010 Added additional computer based testing center in Fort Worth.

Our Team

BCS’ team members all have lengthy backgrounds in content writing, web design, software and graphic design. We’re a smart, forward-thinking, flexible, fun-loving group of people, and we’d love to talk to you about your company’s needs. We work hard to serve you and see your needs through; let’s talk!  The SEO Team »

Portfolio and Testimonials

You wouldn’t use a mechanic, a roofer, a remodeling company or a tax preparer who didn’t have a track record. That makes sense, anybody would prefer to deal with a known quantity. Have a look at some of the websites we’ve already done, and read testimonials from the people we’ve already been working with. We stand by our work and like to think that it speaks for itself.  SEO Web Design Portfolio »

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Directory Inclusions

  • 1. Arlington
  • 2. Austin
  • 3. Beaumont
  • 4. Corpus Christi
  • 5. Dallas
  • 6. Fort Worth
  • 7. Houston
  • 8. San Antonio
  • 9. Waco

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