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Search Engine Optimization Tools

Free BBQ … free consultation … free estimate … free prizes … everybody likes that word “free!”

We’ve got some free website tools that you can use, right here. The way that the field keeps advancing, you need a leg up every chance you can get, and getting the latest inside knowledge on web design, research and optimization is more important now than it ever has been.

Even if you’ve got a team of people doing the heavy lifting for your website design and optimization, it can’t hurt for you to have all the knowledge you can get, at your disposal. Knowledge is power, they say. And the best thing about this package of knowledge: it’s free.

Page Rank

So … now you’ve got a great website. Nice-looking, well-laid-out, easy to navigate, plenty of great content, plenty of images and animation that make it really appealing to the average user. Now what do you do with it?


Metatag Generator

The meta data included with a search engine result provides information beyond the headline. This meta description should include as much information about the site as well as contain searchable keywords (meta tags). This is one of the many SEO techniques used to help get inclusion on search engine result pages and a tactic employed by virtually all of the SEO companies. The proper use of meta tags is important as an accurate description with the proper keywords will allow users to know where they are headed before they click.